Anti-Aging Serum with Syn-Ake HA

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Anti-Aging Serum with Syn-Ake HA 


Product Description



Helps reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and dark circles around the eye leaving that area of the skin feeling more taut and “lifted”.


Anti-Aging Expression Line Defense Peptide Serum is clinically proven to reduce wrinkles in 4 weeks, to smooth fine lines, and to allow for a complete skin rejuvenation of both the dermis and the epidermis.




Main effect


  • Pepha-Tight (Algae Extract and Pullulan)

 Pepha-Tight is a highly purified biotechnologically produced extract from the microalgae Nannochloropsis oculata combined with a well balanced fraction of polysaccharides. It functions as a skin tightener which provides immediate tightening to the skin. It has been shown to protect human fibroblasts from oxidative stress, simultaneously increasing the formation of collagen-l thereby promoting a long term tightening effect through the strengthening of the skin’s connective tissue.

  • Syn-Ake – The Botox Alternative

Syn-Ake is an anti-wrinkle active compound based on a synthetic tripeptide that mimics the effect of Waglerin 1, a peptide that is found in the venom of the Temple Viper, Tropidolaemus wagleri.T

The Syn-Ake peptide acts by reducing muscle cell contraction, smoothing mimic wrinkles in a short period.


  • SNAP-8 (Acetyl Octapeptide-3)

The anti-wrinkle octapeptide SNAP-8 is an elongation of the famous hexapeptide Argireline. SNAP-8 reduces the depth of wrinkles on the face caused by the contraction of muscles of facial expression, especially in the forehead and around the eyes.

Like Argireline, SNAP-8 inhibits SNARE complex formation and catecholamine release, resulting in the reduction of the degree of existing facial wrinkles and demonstrated effectiveness against their development with regular use. In clinical studies, the severity of wrinkles around the eyes decreased up to 63.13%. Both in vivo and in vitro efficacy testing suggests that SNAP-8 is approximately 30% more active than its parent peptide Argireline.


Main Ingredient
  • Hayluronic Acid (Sodium Hyaluronate)

Hyaluronic is regarded as one of the best moisturizing ingredients available due to its moisture retention properties.


The unique properties of Hyaluronic Acid make it the ideal anti-aging treatment for a good skincare routine. Hyaluronic Acid plays an important role in tissue hydration, lubrication and cellular function.Hyaluronic Acid offers an excellent environment for the growth of new cells, and is a major constituent of the extra-cellular matrix surrounding rapidly dividing cells.


  • Argireline (Acetyl Hexapeptide-8)

Argireline is a particularly widespread wrinkle fighting ingredient that has a record of success.  Argireline is used in attempts to decrease the visible effects of aging by reducing the deep wrinkles and lines that occur around the forehead and eyes. It works through a unique mechanism which relaxes facial tension leading to a reduction in superficial facial lines and wrinkles with regular use. 


 In clinical studies of twice-a-day treatment, the severity of wrinkles around the eyes decreased up to 17% after 15 days and 27% following 30 days of treatment.


  • Matrixyl 3000 (Palmitoyl Oligopeptide and Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7)

Matrixy 3000 contains two matrikines, Pal-GHK and Pal-GQPR. Acting as messengers of cutaneous restructuration and repair, these two peptides work synergistically to restore and maintain the skin’s youthful appearance. Our combined formulation offers the potential for short and long term improvement in the appearance of wrinkles.


How to use Use the serum once a day. Gently apply a small amount of the serum around your eye area using your index finger. Massage gently until the serum is fully absorbed into your skin.




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  • Serum:
  • Supply Type:
  • Certification:
  • Ingredient:
  • Main Ingredient:
    Aloe Vera, Glycerin, Green Tea
  • Feature:
    Anti-Aging, Anti-Wrinkle, Firming, Lightening, Moisturizer, Nourishing, Skin Revitalizer, Whitening
  • Form:
  • Gender:
  • Use:
    Eye, Face
  • Place of Origin:
    Guangdong, China (Mainland)
  • Model Number:
  • main ingredients:
    Amino acid,Vitamin E ,Witch hazel extract,Rose extract
  • Use for:
  • Function:
    Skin Revitalizer
  • Time use:
    Day and Night
  • Tender,Smooth:
    Absorbed easily
  • Age Group:
  • New weigth:
  • Warranty:
    3 years